Well, hello!

Greetings from Wisconsin!

As I sit at the Farm for our second week of “second honeymoon”-ing, I’ve been grateful to finally have a chance to sit back, relax, and breathe after the whirlwind of the past few months. And it has been a whirlwind. Since May, I’ve: 1) graduated from STH; 2) gotten married; 3) moved from Boston to small-town Wisconsin; and 4) bought a house. David’s list is similar: delete #1, push everything up a spot, and add 4) begun his first full-time teaching position. I’m telling you, whirlwind. We’re only halfway through the moving part and I’m realizing that some of the biggest changes haven’t even started yet. Changes like being considered an actual adult in a place, rather than a student among myriad other students. Or owning and fixing your own house, rather than calling Mr. Yao when the lock suddenly stops working the way it should or pleading Jaime to finally, please, finish building that second bathroom. Or living with my husband. You know, small, insubstantial things.

When there are this many changes in your life, when you’re this far away from your family, it’s easy to forget details along the way. Enter this blog. The same way I did while in Spain, I’m going to post updates, take photos, and give little glimpses into our new life in Ripon. I anticipate proud “HeyWeDidThisOurselves!” photos of house projects, food-inspired awe after farmers’ markets, rants about how slowly people move or talk, and joy at being able to live our intentional life together.

There will likely also be times where there are pictures of holes in the wall where Allie tried to help David build something, laments over dead plants that we just can’t get to grow right, and thoughts on my hopes, dreams, and frustrations with the United Methodist Church. Because that’s also part of who we are. 
I know blogs can be hokey or self-serving, but I hope that this serves as a way to stay connected to the people we love as we continue to establish ourselves out here.

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